Am 26. April findet in der Starship-Factory eine Veranstaltung über Entwicklungen zur Javascript-Plattform Meteor statt.

Update: Verschoben auf 10. Mai

Dies findet üblicherweise in englischer Sprache statt. Falls jemand einen Beitrag zum Thema leisten möchte, darf gerne auch spontan präsentiert werden.

Anmelden kann man sich via Meetup


"The Meteor 1.4 releases was focused on improving the developer experience of large Meteor apps and making it easier to ship incremental improvements to core packages. It brought dramatically improved rebuild times, upgraded versions of dependencies like Node, and improved decoupling of core components.

The Meteor 1.5 series is going to be focused on the next big request we’re hearing about from developers: Production performance, especially around application load and startup time.

Would you like to have any additional topics included? Or maybe you would like to present something?

We look forward to hearing from you."
Jacek R